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Save Power up to 30% per fan a day

Leading Power saving Industrial Fans manufacturer in India

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10000+ Power Savings Fans Installed

20+ Application Fans designed & developed

In-house Design facility

150+ Clients 


What We Offer

Replacement of Industrial Fans

We’ll build your fan and ship it in 48 hours.


Why Choose Tesco Fans

Precise to Specifications

We provide solution in a complete, precise, verifiable manner, design, behavior, requirements, and other characteristics.

Bespoke Service

Air Ventilation Systems - power saving fans for Textile Industries, Mining Industries, Power Plants, Heavy Duty Diesel Generators.

Return On Investment

Our products are economical, and return on Investment are obtained within 8 to 10 months, Savings is for lifelong.

High Performance Power Saving Fans

Our Impeller Blades are unique & designed for power reduction, which reduces power consumption from 10% up to 20%. Our Fans are maintenance free.

We Keep Top Notch Materials


We had air distribution problems throughout the year, during summer the temperature inside the plant reached 40 °C, and unable to maintain RH. Tesco designed and installed special edition fans which increased air flow by 40% without making changes in civil design & exhaust trench with the same existing power. Otherwise we would have faced expense of 50 Lakhs to alter the factory set-up. Also Tesco had changed other Humidification fans, which resulted in huge power savings to us.

Thiru. Arun Raghu Rami Reddy

Managing Director, Kalpataruvu Spinning Mills Private Limited.

Edlapadu, Andhra Pradesh.

At our spinning unit all fans were replaced by Tesco Fans, Tesco proposed for 10% savings, but we have got savings of 22%. Tesco had installed trail fans at our weaving unit as well, the performance is satisfactory. We have obtained return on investment in 6 months.

Thiru. Arun Keerthy

Managing Director, JPP Mills.

Vepadai, Erode.

950 KW power saving per day is what we got after installing Tesco Fans at our spinning mill unit. Earlier we were facing lack of air supply and high power consumption issues in spinning & autoconer segment, Tesco fans provided sufficient air flow and power savings by 25%. Humidification fan is under trail at packing unit.

Thiru. Kunduru Venkata Reddy

Managing Director, Maruti Spincot India Private Limited.,

Edlpadu Mandal, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our Clients







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  • How do you do power savings?
    Fluid Dynamics is the concept behind our power saving fans design, using motion of fluids we create energy efficient designs that optimize fluid flow by making smarter choices on the form, speeds and materials.
  • Can we increase air flow with the existing design?
    Yes, we study various industries existing fans & ducts. If the duct is able to withstand air flow up to 40% more than the existing, we change only fans without changing the civil designs. We also provide our solutions for unit expansion, without alteration to the plant/unit.
  • What is the life of the product?
    Product Warranty – 2 years; Working & Performance Warranty – 5 years. Life of the product 12-15 years under proper maintenance.
  • How and at what basis is our fans installed?
    A. On your approval, we will do Inspection & Survey for installation of existing fan for proving power saving. B. We will provide new fans to match your existing fans, with same air flow and static pressure. C. We recommend only if Return on Investment (ROI) is achieved within 8 - 10 months.
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