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Who We Are

We are one of the leading “Power Saving Industrial Fans Manufacturer” based at Pune Maharashtra, we are operating since 2006. We have complete solution in manufacturing & supplying power saving fans for Mining Industries, Radiator fans and Engine cooling fans for mining machineries, Power Plants, Heavy Duty Diesel Generators above 2 MW, Heat exchangers, Agricultural Sprayers & Anti Smog Guns.

We have excellent Research & Development Center for Spinning mills Humidification fans and now have introduced various types of solutions for textile Industry & its staff to guide them with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with companies and informing them about the market trends.

Avionics Engineering

Our Mission

To provide power savings solutions in a easier, affordable and effortless way. 

We directly help in reducing the carbon emission by our energy saving fans, which reduces power consumption.

Core Values


Fluid Dynamics is the concept behind our power saving fan designs, using motion of fluids we create energy efficient designs that optimize fluid flow by making smarter choices on the form, speeds, and materials.


We provide solution in a complete, precise and verifiable manner.


We provide solutions to all the industries which requires ventilation set-up. We are approachable and can be reached anywhere.

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